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With over 30 years experience in the travel agency business, we now devote ourselves to helping you book your travel, direct online.

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What We Do

Free Online Travel and Advice

Booking Business Travel is committed to helping small to medium sized companies arrange travel online as efficiently and at as low a cost as possible.

We provide time saving and cost saving advice impartially.

We don’t want you to book through us, rather, we’d prefer you to obtain the best deal direct, online or offline, avoiding booking fees wherever possible.

Searching for deals online can be time consuming so we’ve done all the research and provide the best booking sites all on one site.

Outsourced Account Management

If you use a Travel Management Company (TMC), they will assign you a travel account manager.

They may charge you separately for that service or they may bundle the cost into the overall fees that they charge.

We recommend that you choose an independent account manager to works on your behalf

Travel Procurement

Choice of a TMC

Travel Management Companies play an important role for larger corporate clients who require additional controls of their travel spend and payment reconciliation.

If you need a more streamlined purchasing strategy, we can help.

We offer travel procurement services from the very initial consultation and online company questionnaire stage through to evaluation and shortlist of suitable Travel Companies.

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