Are the new Eurostar trains good for your business travellers?

Posted on November 17th, 2014. Written by bookingbusinesstravel.

Eurostar has unveiled their new fleet of trains. This provides a much-needed and overdue upgrade. Eurostar trains were beginning to look a little tired!

They continue to offer three classes:

Standard class

Economy seating, low fares, no free refreshments, Fares:  £69 – £309 return
from 25th November: Paris: £69 – £347 Brussels £69 – £316

Leisure Premier

First class seating, cold meals & refreshments, 30 minute check-in, Fares: £189 – £390 return
from 25th November: £195 – £420

Business Premier

First class seating, 3 course hot meals and refreshments, 10 minute check-in, but £490 return

So no major changes to the service but we’re disappointed by the seat layout.

Most individual business travellers prefer solo seats with their own personal space.

Tables of four and two leads to complaints of playing “footsie” with passengers opposite and problems sharing the table.

The airline style seating is an alternative, but the solo seats are the most popular. In a first class solo seat, the passenger can enjoy privacy – and be productive during the trip, whether paying the “Leisure” fare or the “Business” fare.

So it’s a surprise – and a pity that whilst the new Eurostar fleet appears to offer 7 solo seats in Business Premier carriages, but only 3 in the Leisure Premier carriage.

Few companies are prepared to pay £490 for the Business Premier fare to Paris/Brussels nowadays. Normally it’s just CEO’s and politicians that travel in this class.

Whilst the “Leisure Fares” are aimed at the leisure market, few tourists care to pay the extra for what is, let’s face it, a 2 hour journey.

But many business travellers want a first class seat so they can work efficiently on the train, and it seems to us that Eurostar has overlooked these customers.

Indeed, Eurostar is trying to force business customers to buy the Business Premier fare at £490 by changing the conditions of the leisure fare. From 25th November, all leisure fares will be non-refundable. But changes will still be permitted however, at a fee of £30

You can view the new trains at the Eurostar site here.

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