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Booking Tips:

Book direct

Unless the savings are substantial, always book direct on the airline web-sites.
Especially the low cost airlines – easyJet, Ryanair etc
Online travel agents will add a mark-up to the fare which may not be apparent at the first comparison stage.

You will never find British Airways at less than prices – see our BA Page
The same applies for easyJet, Ryanair etc.

Booking two or more passengers? Always check availability for just ONE seat!

Airlines allocate a certain number of seats to be sold at various prices.
They don’t want to fill an aircraft with £25.99 fare paying passengers!

So if an aircraft has 140 seats they may allocate, for example:
10 seats to be sold at £25.99
30 seats at £99
50 seats at £149
50 seats at £199

Frequently, just one seat is left at a lower fare.

If you request two seats, the reservation systems will not offer you that last seat price, but will sell you two at the next higher price.
We saved £150 by booking separate tickets on a trip for two to Dubai
Make sure that enough seats are available on the aircraft though!

When comparing flight prices, remember that Expedia do not charge extra fees

With Expedia, the price you see is the price you pay, whilst most other online travel agents may add additional credit card fees etc at the end of the booking process.