Emirates to introduce seat reservation charges

Posted on September 24th, 2016. Written by bookingbusinesstravel.

Another airline sees an opportunity to earn extra revenue per passenger!

It is announced as giving customers more choice. They say it’s another “step away from a one-size-fits-all approach”.

Of course that’s ridiculous. Everyone needs a seat. Everyone prefers an aisle or a window and no-one likes to be stuck in the middle of a row!

The charges are as follows:

£10 short haul,
£20 medium hall (that’s UK to Dubai)
£30 long-haul e.g. Dubai to Australia / New Zealand.

I assume that for travel from UK to Australia then that’s £20+£30 each way, Total £100 per passenger…

The fees apply to the lowest fare types booked in X, V, T, L, Q classes
Higher fare classes K, U, B, M, W, R, E, Y, and Business Class and First Class fares are exempt.

Skywards Gold and Platinum provide free seating for all in the booking, Silver, for silver passenger only.

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