How to book completely free domestic flights on British Airways

Posted on November 3rd, 2014. Written by bookingbusinesstravel.

If you are redeeming Avios flights within Europe, you can include domestic flights within the UK for free!

Routes that apply to this include


Example: Redeeming Avios for a flight London-Geneva-London and include free flights Edinburgh-London-Edinburgh.

When on the British Airways site, find the flights you need for London-Geneva-London and the price will be 9,000 Avios plus £35

Then search again but from another UK domestic airport

(Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester or Belfast), for the dates required. You’ll be offered “You can break your journey with stopovers”
Choose, I want to break my journey and you can select different dates for each flight.

Please note that you must use the ticket in its entirety, as booked, in the same date sequence. If you don’t turn up for the first flight, BA will cancel the onward flights.

If you wanted a London-Edinburgh-London ticket, you cannot book it as above. BUT, you could book


To do this, you have to book separate tickets: London-Geneva one way, (cost 4,500 Avios + £17.50)

And another, Geneva-Edinburgh, choose a stopover in London (cost as above, 4,500 + £17.50)

This will provide you with a one way ticket London to Edinburgh, for free!

You can either buy a cheap one-way Edinburgh back to London or if you can plan in advance, another Avios ticket, this time starting in Edinburgh, to complete the journey.


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