How to increase your appreciation of airline food

Posted on January 28th, 2017. Written by bookingbusinesstravel.

This topic was discussed on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday morning 28th January, when Jay Rayner, Andi Oliver, Tim Hayward, Henry Dimbleby and Barry Smith were at Woburn Abbey for “The Kitchen Cabinet” programme.

We know that the high altitude etc reduces our appreciation of taste but I wasn’t aware of another problem …the “white noise” levels produced by the aircraft.

A not-very-scientific experiment was conducted live on the programme where members of the panel were invited to taste cheese-cake whilst aircraft noise was played and with noise cancelling headphones and they agreed that the taste was much improved with the headphones!

Also it was stated that tomatoes and tomato juice increase our sense of taste so next time I fly, I will order a Bloody Mary!

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