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Posted on February 23rd, 2016. Written by bookingbusinesstravel.

It’s always been another task to do. Now, Lufthansa Innovation Hub have created a process that automates the checkin procedure across approximately 100 airlines!

Check-in online opens at different times, sometimes 24 hours or 36 hours before departure. You no longer need to schedule this task. Forward your confirmation emails to and they will automatically check-you in as soon as checkin opens. You can lodge your seating preference with them and they’ll assign the seats you prefer.

There are just three problems I see with this ….

  1. From a security point of view, you will no longer be asked to confirm, or told about the baggage restrictions and dangerous articles etc. You are advised about dangerous and prohibited goods when you first register though.
  2. You will not be forced to familiarise yourself with check-in times, terminals etc.,
  3. You’ll miss out on airline offers to upgrade and additional purchases

Currently, only the German language version accepts your passport details so you will need to ensure that your booking contains this information for the check-in process to work.

If you’re content with these issues, it’s a fabulous idea and should prove to be very popular with frequent travellers

Visit here to register.

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